What Is Remote Support

Remote Support how it works

Remote support software is the technology that gives IT technicians the ability to access their clients’ devices remotely to provide maintenance and support.

While that may not sound exciting, remote support software has revolutionized the IT support industry. It has increased customer satisfaction, decreased the amount of time needed to resolve issues, and even reduced costs.

With remote support, a technician is able to connect to a device that they’re servicing instantly, from anywhere in the world. Once connected, the tech can take control of the device and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, troubleshoot issues, and even provide on-demand support. Most remote support solutions also provide additional features. For example, Our solutions include training, software support, updates, file transferring, remote printing, chat, and screen sharing features, among others.

Remote support can be classified into two categories, attended and unattended support.
Attended (On-demand) Remote Support

This is when a client needs your support immediately. Perhaps they were using your service or application and something went wrong. They don’t know what to do and need help fast, so they call your support line.

With an on-demand report support solution, the technician(Paul or Dan) will be able to connect to the device and take control. This eliminates the need for the technician to travel to the client’s device, and eliminates the inefficient process of asking the client questions about the issue and trying to talk them through the steps to fix it.

With remote support, the technician can find the problem fast, fix it, and leave the customer satisfied thanks to the quick service. Read More

What does remote support mean? What is remote support software?

Unattended Remote Support

This is more popular with MSPs and internal IT support teams. Unattended remote support means the technician can connect to the client device even when the client isn’t there (in addition to when the client user is present).

With this type of solution, the IT team can connect to your client’s devices when the client is away from their computer. Technicians can then perform maintenance, update devices, provide support, and keep all devices managed properly and kept up-to-date.

An On-demand solution is ideal for accessing computers that you aren’t already managing with an unattended access solution. It’s also important to note that attended support is often the best solution for accessing mobile devices where the user is usually required to interact with the technician to allow access to the device.

Whether it’s attended or unattended, remote support cuts costs by eliminating the need for technicians to travel to their client’s devices. It improves efficiency by giving technicians the ability to connect to client devices at anytime from anywhere. And, it keeps clients happy thanks to the fast support they receive.

Best Remote Support Software Solutions
If this sounds like the perfect solution for you, then here are the best remote support products for the best value on the market today.

Comfort Technologies has been in the remote access industry for six plus years, with a focus on making remote access and remote support reliable, accessible, secure, and cost-effective. You can believe us when we say that we have developed the best remote support solutions that enable you to provide best-in-class service. Just look at our growing portfolio of customers and read their success stories.

Now, here are the two top remote support software packages:

For attend remote support…
Comfort Technologies In Person

In Person is a high performing solution that allows Comfort Technologies to connect to their user’s devices with just a session code. When a client needs support, they can generate the code fast with the In Person app and give it to the technician over the phone, email, text, or chat. The technician can then connect to the device and provide the necessary support.

Why it is the best

Each license supports an unlimited number of on-demand devices.
Can support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Fast connections powered by a high performing engine.
Robust security encryption to keep all sessions safe.
Simple user management system.
Custom branding of the SOS app.
Useful features such as file transfer and chat.
Can add unattended computers to each license.
If this sounds like the right remote support solution for you, you can start a free trial today.

For unattended remote support…
Comfort Technologies Remote Support

This is the best remote support solution for when your primary use case is unattended support. This is a fast and easy-to-use solution that will enable MSPs and IT teams to provide superior support anytime and from anywhere.

Why it is the best

Only pay for the number of unattended devices you want to support. 
No forced upgrades or price increases.
Easy deployment.
Can access from any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook).
Fast connections powered by a high performance engine.
Robust security encryption to keep all sessions safe.
Simple user management system where you can manage groups, add admins, set permissions.
Useful features such as file transfer, remote print, and remote wake.
Can add attended support.

Wrapping up
Remote support has made IT support faster, easier, and cheaper. It is something that every technology provider should consider offering to their customers. Comfort Technologies remote access and remote support solutions are trusted by over 20 million users, and have hosted over 500,000,000 sessions to date so be sure to check out Comfort Technologies On Demand pay as you go

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